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Commercial Compatibility

The Zulu Commercial Compatibility Kit (CCK) is designed to ensure compatibility of Zulu (Azul’s 100% open source, commercialized build of OpenJDK™) and Oracle. Features included in some Oracle packages that are not included in standard OpenJDK packages.

For full UI compatibility with Oracle, Azul has licensed the same Monotype fonts that Oracle includes in its distribution. These fonts are free to download and use with all versions of Zulu, but are included as part of the free Zulu Commercial Compatibility Kit bundle.

For more information, please contact Azul Systems.

Please review the CCK Terms of Use. By downloading the CCK you are agreeing to these terms of use and acknowledging that you will comply with these Terms of Use when applying the CCK to your Zulu deployments.

The initial version of the Zulu Commercial Compatibility Kit includes the Lucida font family from Monotype™. Azul will continue to extend the capabilities of the Commercial Compatibility Kit based upon customer and partner feedback.

To make use of the CCK, first download Zulu, deploy on Linux, Windows, Mac and Cloud environments (as always) then choose your free or subscription-based (Zulu Enterprise) support options. Then choose the CCK version below that matches both your operating system and installer (this is very important). An online version of the Zulu documentation is available here (for all platforms) and Zulu Commercial Compatibility Kit documentation is available here.


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