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Zulu does not contain JRE ?

Updated on January 29, 2016 in Zulu JREs
4 on January 21, 2016
as the JDK of Oracle when installed also install the JRE in another folder in the same directory .
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1 on January 22, 2016

Hi DanielDias,

For all Zulu community download file packages, the Zulu JRE is always a subfolder of the Zulu JDK. There isn’t a separately installed component the way Oracle installs the JRE separately from the JDK. We felt it was a cleaner design style to always put the JRE in the same place relative to the JDK.

If your application requires a separate JRE-only package, then the Zulu Embedded and Zulu Enterprise subscriptions both offer JRE, headless JRE, and Compact Profile JRE packaging options. Let us know what you are trying to accomplish and we can assist.


on January 24, 2016

It is that from time to time I generate .jars of my aplications in Swing or even testo from others, in that Oracle’s JRE identified the file and I just need to double-click on it to open jar, now I have to go Zulu the prompt / shell and use the camando java j arquivo.jar order to use the application.
So that was my doubts, because I thought that some tenhia JRE to be installed.

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1 on January 28, 2016

Daniel, I’m going to guess you run on Windows, and you double click the Jar file in Explorer to launch it, correct?

I can see that my Windows laptop shows your same problem. The Oracle installer is adding Windows file extensions properly, so that double-clicking a JAR file automatically launches a file, for example, called MYAPP.Jar with a command line like “javaw.exe -jar MYAPP.Jar” and it uses whichever Java is in the PATH. The Zulu installer doesn’t setup JAR file associations at all, on Windows or any other OS.

So in my case, where I have both Oracle and Zulu installed, Oracle set up the file associations properly, so double-clicking works even though Zulu is in my PATH and therefore Zulu is the Java that ultimately gets launched. I’d bet there is a way to hack the Windows file associations to use Zulu without needing the Oracle installer’s magic.

Or, if you like, you can file an enhancement request here with the Zulu team to add file associations support to the Zulu installer. Let us know your preference how you want to continue.


on January 29, 2016

That’s right, before I had the Oracle together, but after I installed Zulu, I thought I did not need mies have Oracle installed.

It would be interesting to have support file associations for the Zulu installer, help enough, instead of this depending on the Oracle to do so.

Thanks for the answer.

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