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ZIUpdater for Time Zone Definitions

Updated on August 25, 2017 in General Zulu Questions
1 on July 25, 2017

Azul often gets asked how to apply newer time zone definitions to already installed JDKs. Up until now, the answers have been: 1.) update your JDK to the latest revision, which will have newer timezone details inside, or 2.) download and use tzupdater. Since the answer for 2.) is not always attractive, Azul now provides an open source equivalent utility called ZIUpdater. This tool performs a subset of the functionality of tzupdater, though provide the core use case of applying IANA time zone definitions to installed JDKs without encumbrances. The current version of ZIUpdater works with Azul Zulu and Azul Zing, whether packaged as JDKs or as JREs, and also proves in our testing to be compatible with OpenJDK and Oracle JDK.

Please give the current version of ZIUpdater a spin. If you run any web facing applications that require locality of time and date functions, then ZIUpdater may prove handy whenever countries or states adopt daylight savings or make other adjustments to their time zone maps.

Read about the new ZIUpdater and all of Azul’s open source tools at https://www.azul.com/products/open-source-tools/

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0 on August 25, 2017


A new  ZIUpdater version with an update to use the -f option to force older time zone data is now available for download here:


Please report any ZIUpdater issues within this topic. Thanks.


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