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What is up with Zulu 8.25?

Updated on November 20, 2017 in Zulu Releases
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Can you explain what is in Zulu 8.25? Where can I get the details?

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Zulu 9.0.1 and 8.25 reached GA on November 16, 2017. At A Glance….

o Updates for OpenJDK 9, 8, 7, and 6

The full set of community and embedded builds all provide accumulated fixes through the October 2017 critical patch update. New Java levels were updated on all Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms on Intel and Arm, for JDK and JRE packaging types. The Zulu base levels are now Java 9.0.1, Java 8 update 152, Java 7 update 161, and Java 6 update 99.

o ARM is now Arm.
o MacOS High Sierra added as new platform version.
o Zulu for Solaris reached EA.

The full story…

Zulu 9.0.1 and 8.25 are now Generally Available. The big news is Java 9 did finally reach GA on September 21. Oracle and Azul both announced GA within hours of each other. Subsequently at JavaOne in early October, Oracle announced the split of Long Term Support (“LTS”) releases and short term six-month fast track releases. They also said Java 8 is an LTS release, while Java 9 is a short term release, with the next LTS slated for fall 2018. Notwithstanding the change in schedules, features, durations, and future plans, this Zulu release represents the first one built from OpenJDK 9.x source with JDK and JRE packages sent directly to Zulu Enterprise subscribers. 


Zulu on Arm binaries caught up to source level 8u152 this quarter too. Packages based on Arm 32-bit Hard Float, Arm 32-bit Soft Float, and Arm 64-bit are all available.

To raise awareness of all places Zulu is appearing around the web, Azul posted a list of all known places where Zulu is publicly exposed. We listing the applications and environments as “Powered by Zulu” here:


These are a mix of Azul partners and organic users of open source Zulu. Anyone using Zulu is welcome and encouraged to include themselves in the Powered By Zulu list. Just post a note in the forum, or email us at zulu-forum@azul.com

Our main OS update this release is to add macOS High Sierra to the supported versions lists. We also drop off Mavericks, since Apple itself also dropped support for it. We even proved Zulu works on Macs in the cloud by testing on the MacInCloud.com hosting service VMs.

Finally, the Zulu team is feverishly working a Solaris port. Initial binaries reached the “early access” milestone. Anyone interested in participating in the EA testing phase may request access by completing the form here: https://info.azul.com/2015-Contact-Request-General_LP.html and selecting Zulu Enterprise as product of interest.

For More Details:

o  Zulu 8.25 Release Notes

o Zulu User Documentation 

o Zulu and Zulu Embedded Download Page on Zulu.org

o Zulu Download Page on Azul.com 

Zulu Embedded Download Page on Azul.com

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