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What is up with Zulu 8.21?

Updated on May 3, 2017 in Zulu Releases
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Can you explain what is in Zulu 8.21? Where can I get the details?

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Zulu 8.21 reached GA on April 29, 2017. At A Glance.

o Updates for OpenJDK 8, 7, and 6. The full set of community and embedded builds all provide accumulated fixes through the April 2017 critical patch update. New Java levels were updated on all Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms on Intel, for JDK and JRE packaging types. The Zulu base levels are now Java 8 update 131, Java 7 update 141, and Java 6 update 93.
o Additional Intel x64 Linux support for Containers: CoreOS and Alpine Linux
o Additional packaging type for Intel x64 MacOS: Tar.gz
o ARM Updates for OpenJDK 8. The public set of ARM 32 Hard Float and ARM 32 Soft Float community Zulu JDKs were updated to 8u121
o ARM 32 binaries available from the Azul Apt-Get Repo
o OpenHAB signed as Azul ISV Alliance member. The open source OpenHAB project already endorses Zulu as the primary recommended JDK for ARM and Intel on all platforms. Now OpenHAB Foundation signed as formal partner.


Zulu 8.21 is now Generally Available. This release of Zulu is a garden-variety quarterly update. The interesting additions include two new Linux OS types and one new packaging type. 

The two new Linux distros added as supported include CoreOS and Alpine Linux. Both target containerized workloads. CoreOS offers Containerized Linux as the container base, with orchestration managed by Kubernetes. Alpine Linux remains a very small distro, with just enough Linux sufficient to run Java and other workloads. Moreover, an intrepid Zulu community user already created Alpine Linux Zulu Docker files on DockerHub months ago with nearly a thousand download pulls, so we piggybacked that with formal support and QA testing on Alpine.

The new Mac file type is TAR Gzip (tar.gz). Today there remains only Apple Store and Brew as means to distributed Mac applications. Some custom distribution system may require tar.gz file types instead of traditional Mac ZIP file types. Zulu 8.21 and 7.18 binaries with the new file format are available today upon request, and will appear on Zulu.org/Azul.com in the coming weeks.

Zulu on ARM binaries caught up to source level 8u121 this quarter. New 32-bit Hard Float and Soft Float downloads appeared on both Azul.com and Zulu.org for public consumption. Furthermore, ARM 32 bit Linux binaries for Ubuntu and Debian went live on the Azul repo. The download instructions are the same as our existing Zulu repo for DEB file types on Ubuntu and Debian. The change from the current Zulu 8 APT instructions is a one-liner:

 $ sudo apt-get install zulu-8

 changes to:

 $ sudo apt-get install zulu-embedded-8

The repo should work for both Ubuntu Core and on Raspbian OSs with the APT packages in place, presuming the ARM device can reach the internet. Public documentation of repo access is expected to get posted in the coming weeks, once the repo can discriminate between 32-bit soft float, 32-bit hard float, and 64 bit (only hard float exists) APT clients.

Please continue any Zulu 8.21 discussion in this thread. Thanks.


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