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What is up with Zulu 8.19?

Updated on November 9, 2016 in Zulu Releases
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Can you explain what is in Zulu 8.19? Where can I get the details?

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Zulu 8.19 reached GA on November 8, 2016. At A Glance….

  • Updates for OpenJDK 8, 7, and 6 reflecting the October CPU of OpenJDK
  • Formal support for Windows Server 2016 added.
  • Formal support for macOS Sierra (v10.12) added.
  • First full set of ARM32-bit Soft Float builds reached GA, reflecting base level 8 update 102.
  • Refresh for ARM32-bit Hard Float builds released, also reflecting base level 8 update 102.


The full story…

Zulu 8.19 is now Generally Available. Overall, Zulu 8.19 is an all-platforms uplevel of Zulu 8.x, 7.x, and 6.x reflecting the October security updates to OpenJDK.  Zulu 8.x required two releases, Zulu 8.18 containing only security fixes related to 8 update 111, and Zulu 8.19 containing security and functional fixes related to 8 update 112. Zulu 8.18 only shipped to customers with specific triggers based on CVE levels.

Formal support for Windows Server 2016 keeps pace with Microsoft, who took Server 2016 GA in October with a release announcement at Ignite.  It also means that Server 2016 will act as the base OS for all Windows-based Zulu AMIs on Amazon and all VHDs on Azure once those updates go live.

Formal support for macOS Sierra keeps pace with Apple, who released Sierra (10.12) in September. In this release Apple rebranded to macOS from the prior OS X, likely preparing for a jump up from 10 in a future release. Wikipedia shows we’ve been near here once before:

The operating system integral to the Macintosh was originally named System Software, or simply “System”, and referred to by its major revision starting with System 6 and System 7. Apple rebranded the system as Mac OS in 1996. In 1997, Apple replaced Mac OS with a new operating system in 2001 named Mac OS X; the “X” represented the tenth major revision of the Mac system software. Mac OS X was renamed “OS X” in 2012 and “macOS” in 2016.

The Zulu Embedded team launched the first set of ARM32 soft float binaries. The driver for the release includes customers and prospects interested in the very low cost and power profile of the soft float ABI chip families. The release covers ARM architectures v6k, v6t2, v7, and 32-bit variants of v8. The source level reflects 8 update 102.

Alongside this new set of bits we have also launched an updated set of ARM32 hard float binaries, likewise covering the expanded range of ARM architectures, and also at source level 8 update 102. For these two families, a full JDK of each is available for free download from Azul.com or Zulu.org. The full range of JDK, headful JRE, headless JRE, and compact profiles 3, 2, and 1 also remain available upon request from Azul.

Please post any comments or feedback regarding these Zulu deliverables here or elsewhere in the Zulu Forum. 


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