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Understanding Zulu Enterprise Offering

Updated on May 15, 2018 in General Zulu Questions
0 on May 15, 2018

I am evaluating options to the oracle’s new release strategy. I have been through the webinar from simon ritter and I have a few questions that would help me understand zulu’s enterprise offering

1. The commercial support offering is basically providing immediate (?) bug/security fixes for open jdk builds based on the type of support (STS, MTS, LTS) offered for that release version. Is that the right understanding?

2. What is the difference between standard and premium support?

3. To get clarity on types of support
a. LTS support is for 8 yrs so java 11 would be supported till Sept 2026.
b. MTS support is for 1.5 yrs beyond the next LTS release. Can you pick up a java release version and explain this a bit?
c. STS support is for additional 1 year so java 12 which would release in March 2019 would be support till March 2020.
Is my understanding right?


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