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Trimmed-down runtime-only build

Updated on October 14, 2015 in Zulu JREs
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It would be nice to have a slimmed down Zulu to reduce installed footprint (specifically, to build smaller linux containers). Right now, zulu 8u51 for linux is 170MiB, for instance. Removing src.zip and the demo directory would save 28MiB, and that’s just the easy stuff. Basically, I’m looking for something like Oracle’s “Server JRE”.

Marshall Pierce

Official answer


We’ve got a few images built of Zulu in a JRE form factor. We’ve done full JRE and Compact 3, 2, and 1 images across different platforms.

I see I have an 8u60 Compact 3 that clocks in at a mere 51MB. If you are interested in an evaluation build, send me a note at azul underscore openjdk at azulsystems dot com.



Hi Marshall!

Thanks for your involvement with the community and taking the time to share what you think would be a great addition to Zulu and OpenJDK users!

This is a great idea. We will consider providing additional builds in the near future. Please do keep in touch and sign up for notification at our zulu.org fresh community site which is in development.


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