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Series of Questions about Zulu Java.

Updated on December 8, 2017 in Zulu JREs
0 on December 8, 2017

-Is there a Windows and 64 bit version of Zulu?

-32 bit Oracle Java only supported 1486 Mb of RAM under -X mode, or similar.  Does 64 bit
Zulu java support non-curtailed memory use?

-Is Zulu a compiler and a runtime?

-Oracle java has arithmetic overflow and underflow when using floats, doubles, and their objects.
does Zulu java have accuracy floating point arithmetic?  Is this part of Zulu by default?
If not a default, how do I invoke this for my float, double, Float, Double variables?

-Does Azul Systems have a JavaME version that can install on Android, Apple or Microsoft

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