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Overheating issues on Ubuntu 16.04 (Unity, Gnome) and LinuxMint

Updated on April 26, 2018 in Ubuntu
0 on April 26, 2018

Hello everyone,

My laptop suffers overheating issues on Ubuntu 16.04, on both Unity and Gnome as well as on LinuxMint when the lid is closed and it’s completely idle. I’ve tried tlp, laptop-mode, no luck. The top command doesn’t show me anything particular either.The graphic card is an Intel and the problem occurs with both the default and the proprietary driver. My fans are clean and the problem doesn’t occur on Windows.So I’m wondering what I can do. I’ve found intel_pstate but it’s from a 2014 article so is it still relevant? Otherwise what could I do? I wouldn’t want my computer damaged. I’ve seen things that allow me to monitor the temperature but given the overheating only occurs on idle, that’s not really useful.

Please help.

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