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Laptop overheating with Mint 14 using Cinnamon

Updated on June 16, 2018 in Ubuntu
0 on June 16, 2018


I’m a new Linux Mint user but an old Linux user (5+ years). I’ve installed Mint 14 with Cinnamon on my Lenovo 645 laptop (3GB ram, dual core processor, ATI 4xxx series). I’m in love with Cinnamon, and overall Mint reminds me of the firsts Ubuntu(s) I was happy with (Oh, 8.10, how I miss you). But there’s one problem: My laptop is overheating. Badly. Right now, the CPU temperature is 77 degrees celcious, but usage is around 30%. I only have Chrome, Banshee, Nemo and an idle terminal opened. It is way too much heat. Adding a skype conversation and opening a .pdf lead to temperatures of above 80 degrees, and my computer turned off twice. , here’s the thing. I’ve read that proprietary drivers are way better at handling temperatures and usage, but I can’t still them, as AMD hasn’t released a working driver for 4xxx series and 3.5 kernels. How can I downgrade the kernel, so as to be able to use the amd drivers? Would this even work?Another question: May it be than I am just asking too much of my computer? I say this because I have a dual-monitor setup, one 1680×1050 (external) and the notebook being 1366×1080. I’ve using this setup for a long time on Xubuntu, and had no similar troubles (at least not as much), so I don’t think so, but then again, it was another distro and another desktop, so… Any solutions, please? I’m getting quite desperate, I don’t want the computer to go kaboon any moment soon…

Please help.

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