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Just when you thought I couldn’t think of another daft question…..

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I have recently got my dads service records, for his time in Suez and part of them are the results of his medical exam…..I can’t understand it but whatever it means, it didn’t stop him being sent to Egypt.
At the time of the Zulu War:-
How in depth where the enlistment medicals?
What kind of routine training did the Infantry under go after the basic training – was there ‘route’ marches and physical training throughout a soldiers service?
and finally just how ‘fit’ would the average infantrymen be?
I have read in some book that they went for regular runs etc and I have read about the British soldier who ran from Hlobane to Khambula.
I assume that there would have been regular target practice and lots of ‘left righting’ but as to general fitness, I have not got a clue.

Any help appreciated.
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