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Updated on July 3, 2017 in Zulu Releases
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Azul is happy to announce the availability of the June snapshot of OpenJDK 9, pre-release 13.

These binaries represent a source snapshot matching OpenJDK build 176, reflecting source up to about June 28.

It also includes a series of adjustments to JEP 260Encapsulate Most Internal APIs. See proposal on the mailing list for more information about the related changes.

The upshot of the change is introducing a set of flags that govern access to the encapsulation due to JEP 260, and not halt the JVM on access calls to the now encapsulated internal APIs.

  `--illegal-access=permit`      this is the default in Java 9
  `--illegal-access=deny`        this is the future default after Java 9

It is prudent to treat these internal APIs as deprecated immediately and remove calls to them from your application code, rather than continuing to use the `permit` option as your long term mitigation strategy.

To complement our pre-release activity, Azul voted yes on the Public Review reconsideration ballot to keep Jigsaw moving forward:
“On 2017-06-14 Azul Systems, Inc. voted Yes with no comment.”

This should clear the way for Azul, Red Hat, and other independent implementors of Java 9 to hit their GA milestones later this fall.

As a reminder, formal support programs from Azul will extend to cover Zulu 9 once we reach GA. Until then, we welcome all informal Q&A here on the Zulu forum.

Please provide any feedback about this snapshot, posted at http://zulu.org/zulu-9-pre-release-downloads/


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