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Updated on June 2, 2017 in Zulu Releases
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Azul is happy to announce the availability of the May snapshot of OpenJDK 9, pre-release 12.

These binaries represent a source snapshot matching OpenJDK build 170, reflecting source up to about May 17.

To complement our pre-release activity, Azul voted yes on the Public Review ballot to keep Jigsaw moving forward:
“On 2017-05-07 Azul Systems, Inc. voted Yes with no comment.”

While we did not add commentary on our vote, we certainly had a public comment to share. The following article includes a quote from Gil on the rationale behind our vote, with statement repeated below.:
“We are a bit torn on this. I agree with some (not all) of the objections about Jigsaw as a useful module system for Java developers. In my opinion, the lack of support for multiple-versions of the same module existing in a single application alone limits its usefulness outside of the JDK due to practical common case concerns in the real world (my applications uses maven central packages A and B, both of which depend on module C, but A wants C.1.1.0 and B wants C.1.2.1).

“However, I believe we will be voting “yes” in spite of all the objections. Much of them arise from dysfunctional communications and overblown expectations. In spite of the valid objections and wishes for Jigsaw (as planned for Java SE 9) to be much more than it is, I can’t justify rejecting it as a module system for primarily in-JDK functional purposes (which is how I look at it from a critical Java SE 9 point of view). IMO, the Jigsaw we now have will see limited use outside of the JDK, especially when it comes to libraries and reusable code posted in the wild. The JDK itself never has to deal with the multi-version problem, for example, so Jigsaw as it stands will work there just-fine. My expectation is that the “real Jigsaw” (Jigsaw 2.0?) with wider benefits for non-JDK developers will arrive later. Java 10? or 11? Hopefully not never…. But the in-JDK Jigsaw is close to done and ready to go, and I cannot justify holding back Java SE 9 in the hopes of completely re-doing it, or addressing some of the big ticket items thereby delaying the overall train.

As a reminder, formal support programs from Azul will extend to cover Zulu 9 once we reach GA. Until then, we welcome all informal Q&A here on the Zulu forum.

Please provide any feedback about this snapshot, posted at http://zulu.org/zulu-9-pre-release-downloads/


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