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Constant problem with arm button – Live doesn’t working

Updated on May 16, 2018 in ARM
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Please, I’ve been with a constant and serious problem happening with Live. I’ve updated last week to the last version so the problem doesn’t come from old bugs.
When I open a new project and I try to arm the record button in an audio track, I can’t do it and appears a message box like “the file 0001-audio wav could not be openned” and the arm button works no more. I close live and open again and the problem persists. Only if I go to Manage files and try to delete this file (doesn’t work all the time) or if I close the session and when asked if I want to delete the temporary files and HAVE to choose leave in place, the program closes and when open again working but a few time later, randomly the problem comes again. Everytime this problem comes when I try to record from an ext audio from mic or even if just try to arm an audio track. It’s been impossible to work like this.
I’m very worried about this issue because I also have a laptop with Live and have this on live stage would be horrible. What I have to do solve this? I’ve been trying to search at foruns and some say it’s necessary to delete the preferences.cfg file, clean cache or even choose another folder for Temp files, is it an good option? Or the best would be unistall completely Live from computer?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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