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can’t find package zulu-8

Updated on October 13, 2017 in Zulu on Linux
1 on September 25, 2017


I run debian stable (latest) on my x86 32/bit system.
Put the zulu repositorium in my source list.
Verified with public key.
System update.

All good.

However, trying apt-get intstall zulu-8 gives me the “Can’t find zulu-8 package”
Based your systems requirements x86 32bit is fine with your specifications, though.

What might be the problem here?


some user

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0 on October 13, 2017

Hello Eigenspace.

Currently x86 32-bit Zulu binaries are only made available to Zulu subscribers. They are not freely downloadable from all our distribution points like Apt-Get and Yum repos the way x64 64-bit Zulu binaries work today. Azul hopes to make x86 32-bit builds available freely in the near term, yet as of today you would need to go through Azul sales to obtain any downloads, whether for evaluation or for production support. 


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