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Are Zulu straps weird? Or am I doing it wrong?

Updated on May 14, 2018 in Zulu in the Cloud: Juju
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Sort of same boat lol. Was not until this thread that the idea of cutting the extra back strap off came about. I like a good NATO. Maybe comes from owning a G10 for ages and being used to them. Got a Squale Maxi and although I love the quality of the bracelet, for daily wear, I like the comfort of a nylon. Bought a Maratac NATO in black and a Maratac 5 ring ZULU in olive drab. The black NATO fits great, easy to take on and off through the spring bar spacing and looks really good IMO. Fit looks nice an clean. When I went to install the ZULU I found that it was much thicker and much stiffer nylon. The strap was very difficult/tighter to slip through the spring bar spacing on the watch. Once all installed in place, the extra strap under etc. it seemed very “busy” to me with the rings just too prominent and cluttered. The real breaker on the strap for me was, with the extra strap under, how it pushed the watch head way up and I ended up with this this big gap at the lug ends between the top strap and the bottom strap. Maybe not helped by my wrist being only 7.25″, but did not like the look at all and so the strap just laid there not getting used.

Please help.

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