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404 for Ubuntu 14.04 32 bit repo?

Updated on October 14, 2015 in Ubuntu
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Do you support Ubuntu 14.04 32bit x86? Adding the repo doesn’t turn up anything for me when I search or try to install zulu. If I hit the URL directly I get a 404s for



Raoul Duke 

Time to close this topic.

In summary, I provided Raoul a Zulu source snapshot. With it, he can indeed build a 32-bit OpenJDK, same as if he pulled source off the OpenJDK forest.

Since the time this question got opened, we have indeed created a range of 32-bit Zulu images for Linux. They are not part of the Zulu community offering at this time, as they are tailored JRE packages specific to the requirements of customers who bought the Zulu Embedded product offering.

The Zulu Embedded offering is relatively new, and as we build a business practice around it, we’ll likely have a mix of paid supported images, and free evaluation images.

As of today, you can email us at azul underscore openjdk at azulsystems dot com. We may or may not have a particular evaluation image in inventory that we can provide you.

I know Raoul makes his own luck. But he passed on receiving an eval build.

So the question is: do you feel lucky?


Peter, the Ubuntu 14.04 repo only hosts 64-bit x86 Zulu builds. There are no 32-bit images posted there at all. The 404s aren’t likely the kindest type of feedback, but they do accurately convey no 32-bit public offering. Matt


Can we pretty please get 32 bit support in the repos?

(I really do not understand the bigotry against 32 bit Linux that seems to be the current culture around the world — it isn’t just Azul that is failing here. Would be nice to be taking a lead on doing it right.)

Raoul Duke 

@Raoul, love the passion!

I don’t know if I would use bigotry to describe the 32-bit strategy. When all signs past and present point to 64-bit as the predominant server workload, especially since /new/ server HW is only 64-bit, you need to jump in where the pool is deep.

Our Zulu Embedded offering is forcing us onto 32-bit processors, both x86 and ARM, and those aren’t simple slam dunk decisions like x64 is for servers.

From a global marketing standpoint, Azul is walking a serpentine tightrope: bigger, badder, faster, more capable HW through Zing, rest of universe of smaller, cheaper, less capable HW through Zulu. Both ends of the rope tug hard for our time and attention. Both ends have costs, both have rewards.


thanks for your note.

i’m the Weird Use Case Guy in that i want it for personal laptop use, not server side big iron use.

I know that adding one single more SKU is not just an additive thing because then you might have to support it. i know, i know.

But… But… it still drives me nuts, being selfish. In theory (I’ve done it many times) it should be easy to make your Continuous Integration stuff simply spit out one more silly version! What’s the big deal? And if you want to stamp it with giant notices saying NOT SUPPORTED well ok i’d still maybe be better off with something rather than nothing.

Yes, I know, I should be able to go find it on git hub (oddly hard to find from Azul pages, i had to resort to a search engine to find it) and clone it and build it myself, but I also know that rarely is a falling-into-a-hole-simple thing because you-all already know how to get it all set up and buliding, whereas i have to get it all ironed out on my local machine in order to win that way.

anyway, yeah, if i get up the chutzpa i’ll see if i can build it from source ah ha ha.

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