San Francisco, CA Meetup: REST Service Auth n&z with JWTs -

San Francisco, CA Meetup: REST Service Auth n&z with JWTs

Posted by: Howard Green

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  • For our December meetup we are thrilled to have Jon Todd, who leads the architecture team at Okta, share his wisdom with us.

    Many companies are adopting micro-services architectures to promote decoupling and separation of concerns in their applications. One inherent challenge with breaking applications up into small services is that now each service needs to deal with authenticating and authorizing requests made to it. We’ll present a clean way to solve this problem Json Web Tokens (JWT) using Java.

    About Jon Todd
    Jon leads the architecture team at Okta with a focus on driving innovation, scalability and security. Prior to Okta, he lead architect at Structural Investment Management and was responsible for overall system design, security and scalability of a platform which managed over $2BN in assets. Before Structural, Jon founded Adventex Design which developed SAAS search and CRM products for real estate companies. Jon has a B.A. in Computer Science and Economics from Bowdoin College. More info at