DockerCon 2106 - Seattle, WA -

DockerCon 2106 – Seattle, WA

Posted by: Sue Connelly

DockerCon US 2016 is a two-day, container-centric, multi-track conference that is organized by Docker, Inc. When DockerCon first launched in 2014, it was the first and only container-centric conference organized for the Docker and container ecosystem. Today, DockerCon continues to be the reference for Developers and Sysadmins who are shaping the future of the virtual container industry. With over 3,000 expected attendees, DockerCon 2016 will be our largest DockerCon to date.

The conference will feature topics and content about all aspects of Docker and will be suitable for Developers, DevOps, Ops, System Administrators and C–level executives.