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Zulu is a certified build of OpenJDK that is fully compliant with the Java SE standard. Zulu is 100% open source and freely downloadable. Now Java developers, system administrators and end users can enjoy the full benefits of open source Java with deployment flexibility and control over upgrade timing. Zulu Enterprise adds the comfort of world-class, subscription-based support provided by Azul Systems, the only company 100% dedicated to Java and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Zulu Embedded is available for OEMs and device manufacturers.

Download Zulu, deploy on Linux (including Docker containers), Windows, Mac and Cloud environments and choose your free or subscription-based (Zulu Enterprise) support package. An online version of the Zulu documentation is available here (for all platforms) and the latest release notes are available here. See how easy it is to use Zulu!

Note: if you have any difficulty downloading from, there is a second (also free) download page available at

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Interested in trying out early access builds of OpenJDK 9? We’re making prerelease versions of Zulu 9 available for Windows, Mac and Linux available well ahead of the planned GA date (currently September 2016). You can get Zulu 9 bits from the Zulu 9 Pre-Release page.

zulu version platform dependency openjdk version file download
9.0.4 Linux glibc v2.5 and higher 9.0.4 Filename: zulu9.0.4.1-jdk9.0.4-linux_x64.tar.gz
Checksum (MD5): f4d50665cee287bd5580363a695c1354
JSE 8 Certificate: cert.zulu9.0.4.1-jdk9.0.4-linux_x64.tar.gz.pdf Filename: zulu9.0.4.1-jdk9.0.4-linux.x86_64.rpm
Checksum (MD5): 2980ea46917f02dd8b34b149a5acbbf2
JSE 8 Certificate: cert.zulu9.0.4.1-jdk9.0.4-linux.x86_64.rpm.pdf Filename: zulu9.0.4.1-jdk9.0.4-linux_amd64.deb
Checksum (MD5): bc324f98f53fc0ad4a27196c7fa47c4a
JSE 8 Certificate: cert.zulu9.0.4.1-jdk9.0.4-linux_amd64.deb.pdf
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9.0.4 MacOS 10.13 High Sierra
10.12 Sierra
10.11 El Capitan
10.10 Yosemite
9.0.4 Filename: zulu9.0.4.1-jdk9.0.4-macosx_x64.tar.gz
Checksum (MD5): 3dfb91fd3751666e52c55a8586b6db62
JSE 8 Certificate: cert.zulu9.0.4.1-jdk9.0.4-macosx_x64.tar.gz.pdf Filename: zulu9.0.4.1-jdk9.0.4-macosx_x64.dmg
Checksum (MD5): 12d8ed889eb6fcbb96ccdcdd5764b155
JSE 8 Certificate: cert.zulu9.0.4.1-jdk9.0.4-macosx_x64.dmg.pdf
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9.0.4 Windows Server 2016 2016-Nano 2012R2 2012 2008R2
Client 10 8.1 8 7
9.0.4 Filename:
Checksum (MD5): 5fb1e9343948e1b1f6ee92e40ecc5c2a
JSE 8 Certificate: Filename: zulu9.0.4.1-jdk9.0.4-win_x64.msi
Checksum (MD5): 5b60a44e35b5eb5b22070370264f97a3
JSE 8 Certificate: cert.zulu9.0.4.1-jdk9.0.4-win_x64.msi.pdf
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9.0.1 Windows Server 2016 2012R2 2012 2008R2
Client 10 8.1 8 7
9.0.1 Filename:
Checksum (MD5): 8dbea1fd0b2bb1e1daaf805d8d64f366
JSE 8 Certificate:
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9.0.1 Linux glibc v2.5 and higher 9.0.1 Filename: zulu9.0.1.3-jdk9.0.1-linux_i686.tar.gz
Checksum (MD5): 7e941d76988c784c15aef50dc61f63ec
JSE 8 Certificate: cert.zulu9.0.1.3-jdk9.0.1-linux_i686.tar.gz.pdf
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8.27 Linux glibc v2.5 and higher 8u162 Filename: zulu8.27.0.7-jdk8.0.162-linux_x64.tar.gz
Checksum (MD5): f52bb23fe9fc03ad4db8d15d4dcbd21d
JSE 8 Certificate: cert.zulu8.27.0.7-jdk8.0.162-linux_x64.tar.gz.pdf Filename: zulu8.27.0.7-jdk8.0.162-linux.x86_64.rpm
Checksum (MD5): c1027409d05b534da3c59845c6c7caba
JSE 8 Certificate: cert.zulu8.27.0.7-jdk8.0.162-linux.x86_64.rpm.pdf Filename: zulu8.27.0.7-jdk8.0.162-linux_amd64.deb
Checksum (MD5): a88e18bf754d69c467fbf50bc55c8be4
JSE 8 Certificate: cert.zulu8.27.0.7-jdk8.0.162-linux_amd64.deb.pdf
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8.27 MacOS 10.13 High Sierra
10.12 Sierra
10.11 El Capitan
10.10 Yosemite
8u162 Filename: zulu8.27.0.7-jdk8.0.162-macosx_x64.tar.gz
Checksum (MD5): a7c313e1cf989997d94f20e047c4a9db
JSE 8 Certificate: cert.zulu8.27.0.7-jdk8.0.162-macosx_x64.tar.gz.pdf Filename: zulu8.27.0.7-jdk8.0.162-macosx_x64.dmg
Checksum (MD5): 0004a94f4f572b6663a96cdedbe00ca2
JSE 8 Certificate: cert.zulu8.27.0.7-jdk8.0.162-macosx_x64.dmg.pdf
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8.27 Windows Server 2016 2016-Nano 2012R2 2012 2008R2
Client 10 8.1 8 7
8u162 Filename:
Checksum (MD5): aa278724756fe7c68db2dd1bcb8af423
JSE 8 Certificate: Filename: zulu8.27.0.7-jdk8.0.162-win_x64.msi
Checksum (MD5): 07dbf1c3ea97191257e3c7960665529c
JSE 8 Certificate: cert.zulu8.27.0.7-jdk8.0.162-win_x64.msi.pdf
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8.25 Linux v6k v6t2 v7 v8
soft float ABI
kernel 3.10.x
glibc 2.9
8u152 Filename: ezdk-1.8.0_152-
Checksum (MD5): 9c38925f26e3f5a4ea685c8ba9c6d997
JSE 8 Certificate: cert.ezdk-1.8.0_152-
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